Talent Concept

Best person for the job and give full scope to the talents

Talent is the soul of an enterprise. The company regards talent as its greatest wealth, and always regards talent as the foundation, competition and development of the enterprise.

The company provides employees with a broad stage to display their abilities so as to discover, cultivate, respect and develop talents. 

Lay stress on the introduction and re-training of talents, complete with comprehensive technical and business training, enhance the practical operation ability of employees at all levels, and achieve people-oriented, meritocracy, and full use of talents.

Office environment

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Office environment

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Office environment

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Plant environment

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Plant environment

Incentives and welfare


Public holidays

Award for rationalization proposals

Performance bonus

Health check-up

Free working meal

Free accommodation

Free shuttle bus

Recruiting process

Delivery of resume

Initial interview by HR


Interview by the Chairman


Social recruitment

Social recruitment

Campus recruitment

Campus recruitment