Practicing Lei Feng spirit and striving to be a role model of the times

Date: 05 Mar,2022 Views: 131

March 5th this year is the 59th Memorial Day of Learning from Lei Feng, and also the 23rd China Youth Volunteer Service Day. Therefore, the Party and Mass Work Department in Binhai District organized a series of volunteer service activities to learn from Lei Feng with the theme of "Youth Volunteering Activity - Together for a Shared Future", in order to vigorously promote the spirit of Lei Feng among the youth in the region, show volunteer style, create a warm atmosphere of "learning from Lei Feng and contributing to society", and form a good custom of everyone volunteering.

On March 4th, Sinoway Carbon (Shandong) Co., Ltd. organized a youth volunteer service team to carry out the activity of "Practice Lei Feng Spirit and Strive to be a Role Model of the Times". Through the promotion of laws and regulations, social security knowledge and daily life knowledge, voluntary services for the elderly, and other activities, it stimulated the enthusiasm and dedication of all young employees, promoted the concept of serving the people, and achieved good results and social effects. It warmed Binhai District with its own actions.

In the chilly spring, there is always a passion that makes us feel even warmer. Let's learn from Lei Feng's good example, practice the Lei Feng spirit and become "a shining cog which never rusts".