Sinoway provided support for Henan suffering from a serious disaster

Date: 18 Aug,2021 Views: 92

On August 18, 2021, Weifang Henan Chamber of Commerce gave a banner of “Sinoway provided support for Henan suffering from a serious disaster” to Sinoway for appreciating its loving donation during the flood disaster in Henan.

In July this year, many places in Henan Province suffered from continuous extreme heavy rainfall. After learning about the disaster in Henan, Sinoway immediately contacted the Henan Charity Federation and expressed its willingness to donate money and materials to the disaster area.

On July 23, the group company donated CNY 200,000 to support the disaster area through Henan Charity Federation.

On July 26, the Shandong factory of the Group delivered 16,000 kg of fresh vegetables and a large number of first-aid medicines to Anyang Huaxian which was seriously affected; the Jiangsu factory of the Group shipped 1,280 packages of mineral water, 690 boxes of instant noodles, 100 sets of raincoats, rain boots and 300 boxes of emergency medicines to the affected areas in Xinxiang, Henan Province.