Sinoway "encouragement” fund empowers the education development of Haitou Junior High School

Date: 03 Dec,2021 Views: 86

On the afternoon of October 26, Lianyungang Haitou Junior Middle School held the 2021 Sinoway "encouragement" fund awarding ceremony & Autumn student commendation meeting in the playground. Nearly 4,000 teachers and students, Wang Zhengyu, General Manager of the company, Yuan Qingbo, Comprehensive Department and Liu Shimei, mother of a student as well as leaders of the District Education Bureau and Haitou Town attended the awarding ceremony. More than 100 teachers and students received grants, scholarships, awards respectively.


Haitou Town Sinoway "encouragement” fund was established by Sinoway Carbon (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. in 2020, with an annual injection of CNY 200,000 to support and reward students with excellent academic performance, impoverished students and teachers with excellent teaching achievements in Haitou Junior Middle School. On the Sinoway "encouragement” fund awarding ceremony, the Party Committee and Government of Haitou Town issued a donation certificate for Sinoway; Haitou Junior Middle School presented a banner to Sinoway for appreciating the company for its donation which showed its social responsibility and won wide acclaim and appreciation from all walks of life in the local society.